Research: Apple superfood breakthrough

GROUND BREAKING RESEARCH on apples and apple skins carried out at the University of Newcastle’s Central Coast Campus at Ourimbah has led food science researcher, Dr Vincent Candrawinata, into producing and distributing his own innovative range of activated phenolics through his company Renovatio Bioscience.

Dr Candrawinata’s research on apples has resulted in the development of the most potent cancer fighting superfood on the planet. It was during his final year of undergraduate study in Food Science and Human Nutrition at the Central Coast Campus that Dr Candrawinata, then aged 25, began looking into becoming a researcher. His supervisor, Dr Costas Stathopoulos, played a large role in encouraging him to commence Honours. “Costas sparked my interest in apple juice and the polyphenolics because he said I would be making apple juice from orange. I didn’t know that Orange is a name of a place in Australia. But that was enough to spark my interest in the project which concluded that juices made from Australian apples are higher in phenolic compounds than those from imported concentrates,” he said. Phenolics are a natural compound in fruits and vegetables possessing very high antioxidant activity. Studies show that these compounds are linked to reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and even cancer...

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