ATO’s 600 Jobs

The Australian Tax Office is looking for 600 Central Coast people to fill their Gosford waterfront office which they will move into in a few months’ time. Who will these people be? If they are anything like those who the WorkCover Authority employed to fill their Gosford office fifteen years ago they will be people who will target all the small businesses here on the Central Coast. Back then the union dominated staff went around chasing anyone they could find and fining them for not complying with the impossible to understand Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Especially anyone in the building industry. Trying to keep up with the myriad of changes to the Tax Act is close to impossible but of course that is no excuse. These days keeping the doors open just gets harder and harder. Energy costs are out of control thanks to our weak kneed politicians who are more interested in pandering to the Greenies and other NIMBY activists. The administrative cost of employing staff and the never ending oncosts (not taking into account the minefield of determining how much to pay a person) and penalty rates makes employing people very risky. While there are unscrupulous employers out there overwhelmingly the majority of businesses just want to pay people the right money. Of course these are just a few issues but around all of this if the cost of compliance. You might not realise It but as a small business operator you are keeping an army of public servants in a job complying with every conceivable regulation that our politicians think is a good idea. On top of that Big Business (banks, superfunds etc.) want you to do their administrative work as well. How much time do you spend online complying with the requirements of Big Business – and you are the customer!!! Small business has become the defacto bookkeeper for the government and big business.

Our congratulations to North Construction & Building, Stevens Construction who have taken out the big prizes at the Newcastle MBA Building Excellence Awards last month (see Page 7). The competition in these awards is very stiff with a very large number of entrants from across the Hunter and Central Coast.

Its happened! The first crane in Gosford CBD went up in late August thanks to John Singleton and his team. The top of the crane is the height of Bonython Tower. This will positively rebrand Gosford so now is the time for us all to get on board and sell Gosford and the Central Coast.

Edgar Adams