August Cover – Steve & Kylie Rogers from Safe Travel Solutions

Protecting precious cargo for more than 25 years

The 2017 Counts of Australian Businesses report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that of the 22,480 businesses in our region, micro and small businesses represent the largest group by a long shot. They are the backbone of our economy. A prime example is the subject of this month’s cover feature. Owned and operated by husband and wife team, Steve and Kylie Rogers since 1992, the small business, has had to be continually adapted and reinvented in order to stay relevant and survive.
Today, only a very small percentage of turnover is derived from the business’ original focus –child safety restraint fitting and the business has evolved with the times to include all vehicle occupant safety needs, including the fastest growing consumer group for the business today, people living with a disability. Steve and Kylie’s story is one of resilience, determination, integrity and a strong commitment to serving the local community.
Safe Travel Solutions began its life as a baby restraint fitting station run by the NRMA in Gosford in 1986 before being purchased privately and operating as Child Safe Central Coast, a hire and fitting service. The original owner sold the business to Kylie’s father, Barry in 1990, who subsequently renamed the business, Child Safe Gosford & Wyong, and expanded the service offering to include the sale of car seats and cargo barriers.