CFO service for small and medium business

Illume Business Partners Directors, Lisa and Stuart Ambridge

Stuart and Lisa Ambridge have established Illume Business Partners Pty Ltd providing small and medium businesses access to the business management, planning and modelling tools which due to their cost, have historically been reserved for large businesses.

Illume has over 25 years’ experience in strategic planning, business modelling, process improvement, financial management and control, tendering and commercial negotiation.“Much in the way mining companies employed Fly In / Fly out (FIFO) specialist labour, Illume can provide a FIFO Chief Financial Officer (CFO),” said Mr Ambridge.

“Illume can provide a CFO from as little as 1 day a month right up to 3 days a week depending on your need. The CFO will advise and implement systems and processes to enhance your decision making to build for your business a secure and sustainable future.

The services an Illume CFO can offer are:

  1. Strategic Planning and modelling; 2. Cash flow management;
  2. Commercial negotiations;
  3. Risk Management; and
  4. Financial Accounting.

For more information contact Stuart Ambridge of Illume on 0419 246 304 or via our website at info@ for a no obligation assessment as to whether an Illume CFO would benefit for your business.

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