Chamber calls for transport review following M1 crash

The Peninsula Chamber of Commerce has called on the State Government and Central Coast Council to re-commit to the new ferry wharf at Ettalong Beach in the wake of the catastrophic truck pile up near the Hawkesbury River Bridge at the end of February closing the M1 for over twenty hours.
“How many times do Central Coast residents have to endure major disruptions on the M1 and be left to the
mercy of limited transport connections between Sydney and the Central Coast”, said Peninsula Chamber President
Matthew Wales.
“If it’s not bush fires closing the freeway, it’s major accidents which often involve semi-trailers. These major incidents place pressure on our only other
transport connection, the main northern rail line,” he said.
“For nearly twenty years we have had an alternative transport connection waiting to be built in the form of the approved ferry wharf at Ettalong Beach and yet it has sat on the drawing board lifeless”, he said.
“For a modest $5 million the State Government and the new Central Coast Council could build this new wharf which would encourage ferry operators to look at public transport connections to the Northern Beaches and Sydney Harbour”.
“It’s high time that all levels of Government explore alternative transport routes and provide the infrastructure that might encourage commercial operators to expand existing businesses like the Palm Beach Ferry service or new start operators.” “The Bangalow Street wharf is
approved with an active consent, fully costed and is included in the Ettalong Beach Foreshore Masterplan.
“It’s no longer acceptable to patch up the old Ferry Road wharf and claim that this is a satisfactory connection to Palm Beach”.
“When you get off at Palm Beach, you are welcomed by a state-of-the-art ferry wharf and interchange that makes Ettalong Beach look like the poor cousin”.
“The Chamber is calling on the State Government and the Central Coast Council to get serious about transport connections that use one of our best assets……our waterways”, Mr Wales concluded

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