Confidence driving Gosford

Last month Central Coast Council voted to oppose the Gosford City SEPP which will take all developments over $10 million out of their hands. Can someone who lives in the real world tell them that it is all over.
Over the past six months the Minister for Planning, the Department of Planning and the Central Coast Coordinator General and their staff have gone through the most extensive consultative process asking people what they want for Gosford City as well as having the Government Architect come up with a plan to revitalise Gosford.
At the same time the Minister has announced that the Government will invest $42 million in infrastructure in Gosford City plus $10 million on improving the streetscape and Kibble and Leagues Club Park. Add to that over half a billion dollars invested in a new Gosford Hospital, Car Park and Medical Research Institute as well as the government agency that anchor the new commercial building which StHilliers is finishing off in Gosford and the Tax Office and in the space of four years we now have a City on the move. Incidentally StHilliers are about to put in a DA for a residential development on their site and are talking to a hotel operator about a hotel as well.
Also the Minister has appointed the man who has very successfully overseen the revitalisation of Newcastle to oversee the Revitalisation of Gosford.
And no one can stop it, in particular the fruit cakes that got themselves elected to Council a year ago and have done nothing but play politics to the whole region’s detriment ever since. This lot are here for another two years!
Meanwhile the previous McKinna/Anderson Gosford Council created the foundation for investment in Gosford and now Minister Roberts has taken over. Confidence in Gosford City is becoming infectious. Read our story this month about Joe Bechera a Sydney builder who has just acquired three development properties because he has the confidence to invest here. He adds to all the construction now underway thanks to John Singleton and Tony Denny both of whom have started something that Central Coast Council can’t stop. Its called Confidence.
With NorthConnex opening up next year there is a lot of enquiry coming from business and investors who see the opportunities and are looking at coming to the Coast. Trouble is there is no industrial land of any size ready to go. This can be sheeted home to past councils – Gosford and Wyong – who have played ducks and drakes for the past ten years and more and discouraged developers from opening up land for employment purposes.
Somersby Industrial Estate is a case in point. While this Council opposes an expansion of Somersby there is a huge area that has all sorts of constraints on it. Some land parcels are subject to Infrastructure Levies placed on the land when it was zoned industrial in the early 1970s that now amount to three times the actual market value. Other lots have a so called ‘endangered species’ called Somersby Mint Bush on them and there are Aboriginal drawings on others.
The question that has to be asked about Somersby is, “is this an industrial area or is it a botanical garden”? It is that ludicrous. And there is another question, “how did the calculation of the Infrastructure Contributions get to the amount they have”?
At the same time we have an opportunity to develop the Warnervale Airport but this has been turned into a political football by the Labor Party who is mindlessly chasing votes and listening to the lies being put out by the activists. 747s never ever could land at Warnervale it is an impossibility.
The whole point of all this is that it should be an absolute top priority of this Council to ensure that good well-paying jobs are created here in the region by the private sector so that people don’t have to spend four hours plus a day getting to work in Sydney.

Edgar Adams