Council has to support sound economic development

It is now becoming evident that the amalgamation of Gosford and Wyong Councils may not have been a good idea at all.

Anyone with six and a half hours to spare could have seen the live stream of Central Coast Council’s November meeting which in reality could have been condensed into about two hours.  It was absolutely pathetic to hear grown people prattle on the way this lot did.

This Council is turning into a disaster with fifteen councillors all pontificating about issues they know absolutely nothing about and furthermore don’t want to know. The two biggest issues of the night were the Kangy Angy Train Maintenance Facility and Warnervale Airport.

CCBR will report at length on the Warnervale Aviation Hub Masterplan which will be going on public exhibition via our website after Council voted not to allow the ratepayers of the Central Coast to see the most extensive and in depth study every carried out for any project in our region.  We have a copy of it so you and everyone else is entitled to see it. But the greatest absurdity of all was the debate on the Kangy Angy Train Maintenance Facility which employ 200 people.

They want it moved to Warnervale and resolved to ask Transport NSW to reconsider the site.

Everybody and his dog well knows that this project is so far advanced that it is all over and what is more as we go to press the Minister has announced that this $300 million project will start in early 2018 having awarded the contract to John Holland.
These Councillors need to understand that the State Government has adopted a Growth Plan that will see 75,500 more people living on the Coast in 20 years whether they like it or not.

The Minister for Planning is determined to see it happen and he is making no bones about it.  For the first time ever we have a person in government who is committed to our region.

But it’s not just this Minister, the Government is spending billions on the Coast on roads and other infrastructure plus Gosford and Wyong Hospitals and on bringing a government department to Gosford.

And, of course there is now hundreds of millions of dollars being invested by the private sector that is attracting a lot of positive interest in our region, all of which good for the economy and that means jobs, jobs and more jobs.

All we can say to these Councillors is “get out of the way”.

It seems that nearly every month we report on a new project by the Denny organisation and this month is no exception.

Tony Denny’s residential developments are now coming out of the ground and there are more to come in 2018.

But by far the most visionary project that this region has ever seen is his plan for a 7-storey building that will be the workplace of the future on the site of the Gosford Classic Car Museum.

The Development Application went into Council last month for this environmentally sustainable development which will be constructed of laminated timber and solar panels that will be installed on the roof of the museum generating sufficient energy for both buildings thus taking it off grid.

Another great story is about Servers Australia moving into the Henry Kendall Group’s Nexus Hub at Wyong.  Both the Nexus Smart Hub and Business Hub are connected to superfast Internet (way faster that NBN) which is making it a growing technology centre.

On that note can we wish our readers and supporters a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Regardless of the deliberations of the Central Coast Council 2018 will be a good year.

Edgar Adams