Craft Brewery for Gosford

Two years ago Grant Buckham and two friends, Darren Barber and Sam Kennis, all from Sydney, saw an opportunity to open a premium small bar down a laneway in Cairns targeting local residents and workers in the city, a demographic that hadn’t been fully catered for.
It was an instant success and so much so that they were invited to open a bar in the Hilton Cairns Hotel. Gin Social, offering over 60 world-class gins along with an awesome cocktail list to the cocktail crowd.
Having hit on a new market they went a step further and have opened a new venue Flamingos Tiki Bar in the basement of the Cairns Pacific Hotel.
Meanwhile Mr Buckham has maintained his renovations business and still finds time to go surfing on the Central Coast.
“I have been coming here all my life but for the past two years as I drive through Gosford I have been watching the growing number of cranes around the city. The place is changing fast and I want to be part of what I see as a New Gosford,” he said.
“It was obvious to me that the new residents and growing number of workers would need more places to eat, drink and enjoy themselves. The opportunity for a craft brewery was wide open and I found the perfect spot at 89 Donnison Street, a disused warehouse.”
Bay Rd Brewery will open for business in early December, just in time for the Christmas holiday season.
It is a large space with the brewing tanks down one side and enough tables for 60 people plus standing room at the bar which will offer ten different beers although initially they will focus on ales, summer ales, mid strength ales and sessional ales and then porters, lagers and pilsners.
The fit-out has been done by Mr Buckham and he will run the business and the brewery in the early stages to get it all up and running smoothly.
The brewery has a 5000 litre production capacity per month and initially the focus will be on in-house sales.
A commercial kitchen has been installed to produce simple food Mr Buckham said that he will encourage Food Trucks to be part of the scene. “This happens in Sydney and works very well.”
Mr Buckham is a builder and owns Kingdom Renovations a very successful renovations business in Sydney, and he is also an entrepreneur. With business partners Sam Kennis who had plenty of experience working in trendy cocktail bars in Sydney and Darren Barber who owns a men’s fashion business in Sydney before moving to Cairns, the trio are highly confident about the new venture
“We want to be the centre of a new community and create a new atmosphere for Gosford,” he said.