Erina Business Launches New Security Tag for Retailers

Jacloc, an Erina based company that develops security solutions for retailers as launched a new security tag solution that is taking Australia by storm with ground breaking tags that have helped retailers improve profits by cutting shrinkage by 72%.
Concept Tag (pictured) has a revolutionary new locking mechanism that can’t be opened with magnets or hooks, and can withstand 50kg of force pressure, five times more than standard old-style tags. A recent trial by Glue fashion stores surpassed all expectations and represents one of Australia’s largest and fastest store loss-reduction successes in the last decade.
Jacloc Founder and Managing Director said that shoplifters today use a hook or magnet device, legally available online from hundreds of sellers. These tiny items can be concealed in hand, and are used to open old-style tags in seconds, without a sound or disturbance to notify staff that it’s happening. These bootleg detachers are behind the increasing trend of in-store theft, costing retailers billions in stock loss each year.
Mr Bodill founded Easitag in the United Kingdom in 2001 focusing on the Emergency Alert System (EAS) market and within twelve months became one of only two approved EAS label suppliers for Coles and Woolworths.
He subsequently established a Research & Development manufacturing facility for distribution of EAS products worldwide and expanded to Hong Kong and China in 2007.
In 2009 recognising the growth in the market for consumer electronics he launched a range of above-counter display security products to protect mobile phones and cameras in Hong Kong and South China and by 2014 over a billion products have been protected worldwide with the company’s own designed and manufactured EAS labels.
Having returned to Australia and now living on the Central Coast he set up a new division, Jacloc dedicated to local tablet enclosures and display security solutions.
Concept Tag is a totally new product now being marketed by Jacloc.