February Cover – Cherie Reid

Cherie Reid, Kantara House.
The journey from cars to weddings and functions

At face value, the motorcar and hospitality industries are poles apart. However Cherie Reid sees many parallels. As the new owner of Kantara House and co-founder and former Director of Central Coast Motor Group, Cherie says success in both industries is dependent on two factors – presentation and customer service. Cherie has leveraged many of the key points of difference she and husband Ashley delivered to the market through their dealerships at Gosford and Wyong to revive Kantara House, build the stunning Charlotte Chapel, and create a ‘one stop shop’ for weddings, functions, conferences and memorials. This story takes us back to the Reid’s journey to fulfil their vision of delivering the highest possible standard in the Australian motor vehicle industry before revealing how Cherie moved on after her husband’s death in 2013 to continue his legacy with an equally ambitious project of her own.