For the Central Coast a great year and more to come

As we come to the end of the year and look back, one would have to say that 2018 has been a big year for Gosford and, being the regional Capital, that means the Central Coast.
The amount of money being invested in Gosford by government and the private sector can only be described as phenomenal.
It started with the last Gosford Council but the influence of the present Liberal Government on Gosford has changed everything.
Investors with big money are circling and are getting the right encouragement so there will be some very positive announcements next year.
Investors have seen the opportunities for a long time, in particular John Singleton and Tony Denny who were the first to come in with big money and more recently Joe Bechara from Pinnacle Construction Group.
Smaller investors, seeing the cranes, are now moving in. Our story on Page 7 about Grant Buckham and his Bay Rd Brewery right in Gosford is a case in point. Here is a Sydney businessman who has seen the opportunities Gosford offers.
However while Gosford is flying there is not much happening elsewhere on the Central Coast and that is mostly because Central Coast Council is riven by party politics and egos.
One year into a three year term and our elected councillors are proving that they do not have the competence to provide a strategic vision that will take the region forward.
This Labor/Green council, is hell bent on taking the region back to where it was forty years ago.
We have 15 people running a massive public corporation and not one of them could run a picnic.
The issue here is that business has deserted this region. Almost all of the big businesses that employed over 200 staff have left, for varying reasons, and there is no indications of any planning to locate here. Those who remain all say that this region has all the attributes necessary to run a profitable business.
And guess what? This Council does not even have a designated business or economic development manager. CCBR understands that they are looking for one but one has to ask, what was the Administrator thinking when he set up the new council.
The point is until now business and economic development hasn’t been a priority.
As we move towards 2019 perhaps its time to get our heads around the first quarter of next year when there will be a State Election.
Looking back over the past eight years we would have to say that this government has done more for our region than any other in the previous thirty years.
Across the Coast hundreds of millions of dollars have been, and still are, being poured into roads, hospitals, schools, ambulance and fire stations and other infrastructure.
The Central Coast is made up of four and a half state electorates. All are Labor except one (Terrigal). Generally speaking that has always been the case and is unlikely to change in the long term.
So what has this Liberal State Government been doing pouring billions of dollars into the Central Coast? Simple, they understood that previous Labor governments had taken the region for granted and it had to change.
Another four years of this government will be good for the Central Coast’s economy.

As we wind up the year can we say to all our readers, advertisers and subscribers how much we appreciate your support. CCBR can only survive with that support.
2019 will see CCBR into our 30th year. Its been an interesting and worthwhile journey thanks to you
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Edgar Adams