Gosford redevelopment has government backing

Over the last month or so the Central Coast Coordinator General, Lee Shearer and the State Architect have been holding workshops with groups of stakeholders (business owners, property owners and developers and community leaders) to discuss the redevelopment of Gosford as the Capital of the Central Coast.

Gosford has been identified in the Central Coast Growth Plan 2036 as the regional city and the Government, and the Minister for Planning in particular, committed to this Plan we now have a window of opportunity to get Gosford moving.

This Editor attended one of these meetings at the end of February (full report in April) and there is no doubt that the Government Architect and the Central Coast office of the Planning Department under Ms Shearer have been working hard on developing a design policy for the city that will be the framework for all future investment and development.

The success of Gosford as the regional capital will be its attractiveness; as a place to live, a place to work, a place to do business, a place to relax and a place to visit.

We have had opportunities before but these have been stymied by a small group of myopic dinosaurs, the Old Gosford crew, who have for too long had too much influence at a political level.

But all that has changed.  They have failed and failed miserably.

Many of us have been beaten over the head by these people for over 30 years by these people but the past is the past and its time to look to a very exciting future.

The Gosford skyline is changing daily as we see new buildings rising up, cranes everywhere and investment pouring in.

The State Government is investing hundreds of millions of dollars – in a new hospital and the Financial Services Building.

Council is developing plans for a new-age Library and once we all agree on its shape they will start work.

Private investment in Gosford is being led by the Tony Denny organisation along with John Singleton Group, Pinnacle Constructions and St Hilliers are now looking at developing the rest of the school site.

And let’s not forget that Paul Lederer spent almost $20 million on rejuvenating the Imperial Centre and would invest over $700 million on developing that old shopping centre site if Council said yes.

Edgar Adams