Job done in Gosford – Time to move on with Central Coast Growth Plan

Now that the Planning Minister and his team at the Central Coast office of the Planning Department have put pieces in place that will see Gosford City as the Regional Capital grow I figure that within the next six months there will be some substantial investments proposed for the City from some very substantial developers who see certainty in dealing with a Planning Panel outside the reach of the present Central Coast Council.
So it is now time to think about what is next for the Minister’s Planning Team.
They are very aware of the need to see the jobs target of an extra 25,000 jobs by 2036 and a reduction of the number of people having to commute to work in Sydney or Newcastle.
Labor has been the perfect opposition – they have opposed every economic development initiative during the past decade – they’re a great opposition and that’s where they should stay.
It’s all very well for politicians to say what they’re “gunna” do. What is more important is to examine what they have done! That will define their future behaviour. In the case of Labor on the Central Coast they have opposed:
• The tax office
• The finance department
• Dredging Ettalong Channel
• Kangy Angy rail maintenance facility
• Wallarah 2 coal mine
• Warnervale airport
In fact anything that will create a job on the Coast Labor has been against it.