Minister opens Gosford Information Office

Minister for Planning Anthony Roberts was in Gosford on Friday 16th December to announce the opening of a Regional Plan Information Centre and Inter-departmental Work Hub on corner of Donnison and Mann streets, Gosford.
The Centre will be an interactive space where members of the public will be able to see how the regional plan will impact their day-to-day lives and will include information about the work of the Government Architect on a framework for revitalising the Gosford City Centre.
The Centre will open in early 2018.
This is a major step by the Government and shows its commitment to the Central Coast and Gosford.
At the same time the Minister released the first Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 Monitoring Report setting out the progress that has been made since that has been made since it was announced in October 2016.
The Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 was released in October 2016 and at the same time, a commitment was made to release annual Monitoring Reports to detail progress in delivering priority outcomes including housing, jobs, infrastructure, communities and the environment.
This is the first annual Monitoring Report which details the progress made in implementing the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 during the first 12 months.