Minister’s commitment ensures future for Gosford City

The October meeting of the Gosford / Erina Chamber of Commerce was a sight to behold. A record two hundred of the Coast’s business leaders all came along to hear Minister for Planning, Anthony Roberts confirm what many had dreamed of but not quite expected such are the politics that swarm around the Central Coast Council.
This Minister was determined to leave a lasting positive legacy for the people of the Central Coast from the time he took office in January 2017.
His legacy will ensure the future of Gosford City as the Regional Capital of the Central Coast. And to do this he has put in place planning controls that override the Central Coast Council and ensure that serious investors will be taken very seriously.
Having said that, this could not have been achieved without the leadership of the person he appointed in March 2017 to take control and implement the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 with the specific task of firstly ‘fixing’ Gosford.
The appointment of Lee Shearer as Central Coast Coordinator General was a masterstroke as she was given all tools necessary to pull this off and she achieved what many thought would be impossible.
Bringing Gosford City into the 21st century against the backdrop of a recalcitrant Central Coast Council is a major achievement and Mr Roberts and Ms Shearer have to be congratulated for pulling this off.
This announcement will arouse a fit of apoplexy among our left leaning Labor / Green Councillors who want to take the whole Coast back to the 50s, let alone Gosford City.
Only two days earlier at their 8th October Council Meeting these people who obviously believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden voted to against the planning controls that they had to know were a done deal.
The hypocrisy of the people is beyond belief.
So at least the Mayor had the good sense to find something better to do than come along to hear the Minister’s announcement.
Anyway, thanks to Minister Roberts and the State Liberal Government Gosford City has a future.
As he said at the Chamber meeting, “there were people who had different views but the message was loud and clear that something had to be done.”
He also strongly made the point that at least two generations of the Coast’s population had been failed by those who had gone before and held Gosford back from realising its true potential.
What is more and is so significant is that the State Government is tipping in $42 million to fix the underground infrastructure (sewerage, water and drainage) that the Gosford Council of old never did. Think about it – $42 million. And on top of that are funding the redevelopment of Kibble Park and Leagues Club Park to the tune of $10 million.
As we move towards a 2019 State Election it is time for everyone on the Central Coast to reflect on what this government has done for the Central Coast since being elected in 2011.
And while thinking about this reflect on the fact that all but the Seat of Terrigal is a Labor Seat.
In Gosford City, held by Labor, this government has poured close to a billion dollars with a brand new hospital, car park and a Medical Research Institute. Although controversial at the time the new state-of-the-art Gosford Primary School has replaced the ancient one where the Tax Office and the new Financial Services Building now stand.
And then we need to look at the billions that have been spent across the Coast on roads and other infrastructure like schools, fire stations etc.
Under this Government the Coast in the last seven years has been seen unprecedented investment by this Liberal Government.
Edgar Adams