November Cover – NICKY AND WADE

Global agricultural innovators Nicky and Wade Mann – A story of courage, vision, strong family and community values, passion, resilience and an unwavering commitment to succeed.

NICKY AND WADE Mann have come a long way since arriving in Australia from Zimbabwe in November 2001 with their extended family, three young children and a 127 Sub-Class Visa in hand, their ‘golden ticket’ to a new start in the ‘lucky country’. Forcefully evicted from the farm that had been in their family for twenty years, the Manns pulled their limited resources together and worked strategically and tirelessly to fulfill the high expectations placed upon Australian immigrants at the time. With just three years to prove themselves, the Manns secured a long-term lease on 14 acres of land at Woongarrah and drew upon their extensive rose growing expertise to begin their hydroponic rose farm and small business, Roses2Go.
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