October Cover – Geoff & Sue Tilden from Raine& Horne Gosford

Directors of Raine & Horne Gosford, Geoff and Sue Tilden are examples of great leaders in the highly competitive and often turbulent world of real estate. Both have been in the game for more than thirty-three years and are so passionate about what they do that they recently walked away from a “very lucrative offer”, putting any thoughts of retirement well and truly on hold. In fact, not only did they decide to remain at the helm of the business they have grown from the ground up since 1990, but they have just opened a new office in East Gosford, growing their team to thirty-five in the process. This is the story of the Tilden family’s remarkable business journey and how their customer, staff and community-centred approach to everything they do has seen them become the largest real estate agency on the Central Coast and one of the most successful in the national Raine & Horne network.
Growing steadily over the next twenty years as part of the First National network, Geoff and Sue invested heavily in technology to help manage their growth and keep it sustainable. Recognising the quality and strength of their business, Raine & Horne approached the Tildens in 2011 with an offer to join them. “Raine & Horne is a family owned business, so culturally we felt they were a really good fit for us,” said Geoff adding that they liaise directly with Angus Raine, a third generation franchisor. “This also aligns well with us because people know
From the moment the Tildens rebranded to Raine & Horne, inbound calls increased by 20%. Consistently growing their sales and property management client base over the ensuing years culminated in a merge with Century 21 Gosford in 2013 and the opening of a new office at East Gosford after acquiring Starr Partners last month. The acquisition also gave Geoff and Sue the ideal opportunity to offer their daughter, Katie and son-in-law, Kristian Bingham greater leadership opportunities in the family business. Katie is a former People and Culture Consultant with Westpac and Kristian is a marketing and real estate sales specialist. Katie was also recently named Raine & Horne 2018 National Rookie of the Year for Property Management, a testament to her idea of creating Business Development and Relationship Management roles in property management as well as treating tenants as clients.