Planning Minister gets real on Growth Strategy

The appointment by the Minister for Planning Anthony Roberts of a Co-ordinator General to oversee the implementation of the Central Coast Regional Growth Strategy is good news and is an indicator that this Minister for Planning does mean business.

This is the first time in history that any government has appointed anyone to ensure that a growth plan (not that there have been very many!) would be implemented. In the past all have been political statements aimed at getting the government of the day out of hot water.

So we welcome Lee Shearer APM to her role as Central Coast Coordinator General. She comes with an impeccable record of public service not the least as a former NSW Assistant Police Commissioner and has worked at a high level in government since her retirement from the Police Force.

Getting this Growth Strategy implemented will be a hard task and CCBR was not that confident that the Government would see it through.

Finding a place for an extra 75,500 people to live here on the Coast by 2036 will require real political commitment.

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