Pro-Ali completes $9 million fit-out for Kilcoy meat processing plant

Kilcoy Pastoral Company is one of the largest beef processing companies in Australia and has completed a brand new $55 million meat processing plant at Kilcoy in Queensland that will make it one of the world’s leaders in meat processing technology.

North Gosford based PRO ALI Design, which specialises in state-of-the-art stainless steel conveying systems for the food industry, won the $9 million contract to build the entire beef boning room.

Totally designed by PRO-ALI owner, Miles Fink, together with Kilcoy Pastoral, the plant comprises the main beef boning room, meat packing and palletising areas, and includes over 300 metres of electronically-controlled conveying system leading to the freezing plant and into cold store. The computer-programmed system controls every aspect of the movement of product and makes extensive use of robots which eliminates the use of fork lift trucks. It is one of the most advanced meat processing plants in the world.

The entire boning room system was fabricated at PRO ALI’s factory at North Gosford, shipped to Kilcoy in PRO ALI’s B-doubles, and installed by PRO ALI’s highly experienced team who also built the system. It took 20 B-double trips to ship the equipment to Kilcoy.

PRO ALI won the contract against a number of multinational contractors and others in Australia, based solely on its reputation to design, build and install on time and on budget.

The last few years have been exceptional for the PRO ALI team who earlier this year designed, built and installed an automated turnkey plant for Arnotts Biscuits at Homebush to produce the famous Shapes biscuits.

Another of Australia’s leading meat packing companies, Thomas Foods International in South Australia, employed PRO ALI design, to build and install a similar conveying system for its new $40 million plant at Murray Bridge two years ago – a $7.5 million contract. And, while these major projects were being built, PRO ALI continued to carry out work for its regular customers like Inghams, MARS Foods, JBS Primo, and others.

PRO ALI began over 32 years ago with Miles Fink fabricating aluminium and stainless steel products, including building aluminum oyster punts.

PRO ALI’s first involvement in the food industry came from local food companies such as Sara Lee, Chickadee and Masterfoods, and from there PRO ALI has built an international reputation for excellence in design and quality which is absolutely essential in the food industry.

Today PRO ALI employs a staff of 30 tradesmen and apprentices, with most of its people being with them from the time they started their training. Managing Director, Mike Thompson, has been with the company for over 20 years and, in recent years, Miles Fink’s sons, Sam and Ben, have joined the business, starting as apprentices and now working in PRO ALI’s design and project management office.