Retirement for Michael Neate

After 26 years with land development firm Trehy Ingold Neate Michael Neate has announced that he will be retiring from the end of June.
“I have been part of Trehy Ingold Neate for 26 years and a director for 24 years,” said Mr Neate. “It has been a great journey to see the business grow, diversify, and develop into the strong, respected and professional business it is today.”
“I’m pleased that I leave Trehy Ingold Neate in the very capable directorship of Robert Polson and Kellie Hassab who have been part of Trehy Ingold Neate for many years together with David Smith who has recently joined the management team as a director.
Mr Neate said that the firm has been planning for his retirement for some time with Ms Hassab transitioning into his role of being the initial point of contact for any new land development enquiries and business opportunities.