September Cover – Steven Hyde from Trendpac

Leveraging the rise of private label

The struggle and closure of some manufacturing sectors in Australia has been well publicised in recent times. Despite this, manufacturing in Australia is far from dying. It’s just undergoing significant change as economic realities take hold and disruptive technologies and new markets emerge. While innovation is crucial to a manufacturer’s success in the 21st century, understanding customers and responding to their specific needs better than anyone else delivers the greatest competitive edge. A Central Coast family-owned and operated contract manufacturing company that has been through all the ups and downs of the sector and risen above the challenges for the past fifty-five years is TrendPac at Berkeley Vale.
Think of a cleaning, hair care or skin care product – in fact up to around 180 non-food products – and there’s a strong probability that TrendPac designs, tests and manufactures the product, bottle and the lid before distributing the finished product to its customers or directly to supermarket warehouses around Australia. Led by Managing Director, Steven Hyde, TrendPac has just achieved its best year yet (just under $70 million in turnover) after strategically positioning its manufacturing operations to leverage the rise of private label products in Australia’s largest retail supermarket chains, Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. This story explores the journey of this innovative and client-focused family business and highlights the keys to their extraordinary success.