Strong economy across the Coast needed but Council just don’t get it

As we go to press John Singleton’s Bonython Tower in Gosford CBD topped out and is now well on the way to completion in early 2019. Bonython Tower will set the tone for Gosford’s future and standing on the top floor looking out across Gosford that seems almost guaranteed with all the cranes working away. Right now there are 15 cranes in Gosford and by the end of the month there will be 16.
Meanwhile we have to ask, “what about the rest of the Central Coast?”
There is little point in being the Capital of the Central Coast if the rest of our region is going backwards.
And, that is exactly where the people we elected to run our region are taking us. Here we have a mindless group of people, led by a greenie Mayor hellbent on taking us back to the worst days of Gosford Council.
Last month we had the Labor/Green Councillors impose a Climate Change Policy on the region that will see insurance premiums in many areas skyrocket over the next few years. It happened in Wyong some years ago under a Green Council and it took a realistic and sensible Mayor Doug Eaton to reverse it. But not before it had caused enormous economic damage. (Memories are short).
Also last month these Councillors reduced the number of objections for a Development Application from 50 to 15! You can get 15 objections in a pub on a Friday night so this move has effectively stymied any DA that anyone doesn’t agree with.
Confirming that they are dead against development, this Council also voted down a $37.2 million 63-unit residential development at Woy Woy at the Woy Woy Bowling Club on the basis of height.
The only hope of this Club surviving is with this development so in due course a lot of jobs will be lost. But that’s okay.
And now they want to demerge! What utter senselessness is this?
Which brings us to another point. The Labor Party is playing games (think Ettalong Channel dredging) with our future. These days the Central Coast ALP is being run by the Member for Wyong David Harris who I once had enormous respect for. But he is supporting divisive and deceitful politics in the lead up to the March State Elections in 2019.
At the same time the Liberals in Council are proving themselves to be utterly hopeless.
But back to our economy and the rest of our region.
By 2036 there will be an extra 76,500 people living on the Coast under the government‘s Central Coast Growth Plan. And this Plan says there will be an extra 25,000 jobs.
Well good luck with that.
Our greenie Mayor and her mob won’t be having any of it!
Unless the Planning Minister introduces an Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel like he did for all Sydney Councils and Wollongong on 1 March 2018 this Council will destroy our economy before its term is up.
Investors won’t put up with the crap that this dysfunctional lot are going on with.
Investors need certainty and the only thing that is certain is that they will be fooled around.
Right now the northern area of the Central Coast needs investment but killing off the Warnervale Airport and trying to stop the coal mine sends all the wrong signals.
What this says is, we would prefer unemployment, misery and welfare than good well-paying jobs.
Of course at the end of the day we voted these people in and they are here until September 2021!
What this means is that everyone of us has to start working towards a change now.
We need to be thinking about potential independent candidates now.