The Elanora Hotel 50 years on

The Elanora Hotel at East Gosford has more history attached to it than a customer of today may think. And it is all about the Cusick Family.
The story of the Elanora Hotel goes back much further than 1968 when publicans Malcolm and Margaret Cusick purchased the original hotel that had been built ten years earlier.
Owned today by the family of Malcolm & Margaret the changes look set to continue with the current management understanding the importance of staying ahead of changing trends and tastes so are currently considering plans for the next upgrade to take the Hotel into the next generation.
Commenting on the Elanora’s success over the years the present Licensee and manager of the Elanora, Damien Cusick, said, “Our father always said that a good hotel had to serve good food and good beer. It’s a rule that we stick to and won’t be changing.”