The Urban Design & Implentation Framework (UDIF) for Gosford City

The Government Architect says great places and cities don’t happen by chance. They are designed and continue to be designed to manage their transformation over time.
The need for a UDIF has arisen from the growing consensus that a vision needs a framework for implementation. The implementation of strategies and recommendations will enable the urban design outcomes to be delivered. The Urban Design and Implementation Framework (UDIF) will help to shape the continued development and renewal of the Gosford City Centre and support implementation of the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 vision for Gosford.
There have been several ad hoc responses to support revitalisation in the city centre including sporadic development of new buildings, largely in the residential market concentrated around the fringe of the city centre itself. There remains a run-down appearance in the buildings and vacant shops, with poor quality public domain and way finding, poor pedestrian amenity and poor connectivity with surrounding areas.