Trehy Ingold Neate Announces Merger

Tuggerah based land development firm, Trehy Ingold Neate (TIN) has announced a merger with Victorian based Beveridge Williams commencing October 2018.
TIN Director, Kellie Hassab said, “This merger is an opportunity to strengthen our resolve to lead the industry in the region as a professional, values-driven multidisciplinary company. It also enables us to provide an expanded suite of services due to Beveridge Williams’s broader capabilities, which include surveying, civil engineering, town planning, landscape architecture, urban design, traffic engineering and land contamination assessments.”
Trehy Ingold Neate’s history goes back almost 40 years when it was established by John Trehy and Peter Ingold at The Entrance, both retired some years ago. Michael Neate who joined the firm a few years later retired from the firm in June 2018 after 26 years.
Ms Hassab will manage the Central Coast office and form part of the Beveridge Williams Executive Management Team and will be the NSW conduit to the Melbourne head office.
“You won’t notice much change other than a new name and logo, faster turnaround times and some added services. Robert Polson and Dave Smith will continue in their current roles and I will still be the initial point of contact for any new land development, planning enquiries and business opportunities. Robert for engineering and strata certification and Dave for survey matters