Central Coast Business Review Nune 2016 Issue

Nune 2016

Paul Barnett - On Leadership, Collaboration and Vision

STAYING TRUE to its original roots when formed by a small group of locals in 1971, Mingara has maintained its focus on making a significant contribution to the quality of community life, despite its massive growth and expansion since that time. read more

In this Issue...

Editorial: Federal Election result more important than ever

CCBR READERS WILL know that our political views are based on what is good for the Central Coast, and that will always be. And it is for that reason that we are very very concerned about the outcome of the July Federal Elections. Those who read the Sydney Morning Herald and listen to the ABC are getting a very jaundiced view of Australian politics vs those from the Murdoch Press. read article

New era with Gosford / Wyong merger

THEY HAVE BEEN scrabbling with each other for more than forty years to the detriment of our region but it took the Baird Government to step in and in a flash create one council for the Central Coast. read article


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