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CCBR welcomes Star Scientific

Posted by Edgar Adams on 3 February 2020
CCBR welcomes Star Scientific

Its been a long time since any significant company chose to locate on the Central Coast so CCBR is proud to bring you the story of hydrogen research company Star Scientific locating to our region.

Star Scientific are a long established research and development organisation and will have around 100 people working at the former Krone facility at Berkeley Vale.

As is often the case the senior people at Star Scientific have a connection with the Central Coast and Newcastle.  Finding the idle Krone facility is what got them here.

We welcome Group Chairman Andrew Horvath and his team to the Central Coast.
Our congratulations to Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch on being appointed Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast.

The idea of regions being represented at the highest level in government goes back to the appointment of the Hon John Della Bosca MLC by the Carr Labor Government in 2003 as Minister for the Central Coast.

The Baird Liberal Government changed that in 2017 appointing Scot McDonald MLC as Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter and Central Coast. And then in March 2019 following the State Elections the Premier abolished the position all together.

It was representations from the Gosford Erina Chamber of Commerce to the Premier late last year that convinced her of the need for the Central Coast to be adequately represented at the highest level considering that we only had one Liberal Member of Parliament representing the whole region.

The Premier obviously took this on board and understood that the Central Coast is not part of the Hunter Region. Thus, Mr Crouch can concentrate on the many issues affecting our region.
Seven months to go!

Local Government Elections will be held on Saturday, 12 September 2020 and with a little bit of luck and good management on the part of the Liberal Party the contemptible Labor/Green mob who control Central Coast Council will be thrown out.

At the same time it is hoped that the Liberal Party will preselect candidates who not only have the future of our region at heart but can take the fight up to those who want to see it be the welfare capital of the world.

We can also hope that those Independents who run will do so for the good of our region.

The Central Coast deserves a group of councillors who are proud of our region, can see the future and understand that everyone who lives here has the right to a job, a local job. 

CCBR is aware of at least one Central Coast company that wants to build a multi-million factory and employ a lot of people and is being held up because of environmental issues on their land. 

There is also the issue of the Warnervale Airport which the Labor/Green Councillors want closed down at any cost.

These councillors caused an aircraft manufacturing company that would have employed 100s of people and encouraged other support businesses to colocate with it to go interstate.  For this the Council was in breach on contract and it is time that ratepayers were told how many millions of dollars that cost.

These same councillors have had a wonderful time knocking back legitimate development applications that have then gone to the Land and Environment Court and been approved.

The cost to ratepayers in legal fees will run into the millions of dollars.  Worse than that though is the loss of jobs and the untold damage this is doing to our regional reputation.

Fortunately for us the NSW Government has woken up to them and where they can are implanting policies to override Council.

Edgar Adams

Author: Edgar Adams
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