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Revitalisation of Gosford City now a myth

Posted by Edgar Adams on 6 May 2020

For the few years that Anthony Roberts was Minister for Planning, from January 2017 to April 2019 it seemed that Gosford's time had come.

And then the State Elections were held in March 2019 and the wheels started falling off.

Mr Roberts was no longer Planning Minister and in his place was Minister Rob Stokes. Gosford and the Central Coast has been going nowhere ever since.

Promises made in the lead up to the election have been conveniently forgotten.

The $52 million for the Gosford City infrastructure upgrade has been dumped.

We must say that $10 million for the redevelopment of Leagues Club Park has been honoured. But that is all!

Meanwhile developers who in good faith moved forward with their projects now find that an ominous clause inserted at the last minute to get the Gosford City SEPP approved gave Central Coast Council the right to frustrate large developments.

This clause has given Central Coast Council Mayor, Lisa Matthew the opportunity, through a Mayoral Minute she moved in December 2019 the opportunity to frustrate developers

Author:Edgar Adams

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