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Six months to go for new council

Posted by Edgar Adams on 10 April 2024
Six months to go for new council

Six months to go for new council – but will it be out of the fat into the fire


In case you haven’t noticed our Central Coast Council is setting us up for some pretty big rate hikes in the years to come with forecast deficits from 2026-27 (see Page 15).

This month we are fortunate to have a highly credentialled former UK local government councillor and former senior banking executive and Central Coast resident, Kevin Brooks, write an analysis of how he sees this Council performing.

It is only six months until we get the opportunity to elect a new team of councillors who, regardless of their intentions, will be hamstrung by having to live with the current CEO, David Farmer, who had his contract extended by 5 years last December.

Administrator Rik Hart will move on following the election and we will have an elected Mayor. The one constant will be Mr Farmer and the council staff, many of whom treat ratepayers with contempt.

As Mr Brooks points out we are heading towards a massive $360 million deficit over the next ten years.

No attempt to rein in costs and certainly no attempt to increase the rate base. 

Over the last eight years this council, from the time it was elected and certainly during its time under Administration, has actively pursued a policy of stopping investment in the region. Investment in new homes sites, that would increase the rate base and investment in new businesses has ensured that this region has gone backwards.

And they are being allowed to get away with it.

No wonder that Premier Chris Minns and his government has no interest in our region.  Of course it was the same with the previous government who started all this with the amalgamation of Gosford and Wyong Councils (which this Editor supported and now realises that it was never going to work).

In any event, the community has six months to come up with candidates who think they can make a positive difference.

CCBR is hearing that some of the old crew are planning on making a comeback too.

In my opinion it will be a case of out of the fat back into the fire.

Genuine people who could make a difference are needed to put their hands up.

The last thing we need is a mob of activists hell-bent on further destroying our already declining economy.


While there is no doubt that there is little confidence to invest in the region, one ray of sunshine has been the determination of the Gosford RSL Club to go ahead with the building of their new club premises at West Gosford.

CEO Russell Cooper and the Club’s Directors had a vision.  To build a new club building that would make a

statement that our region is modern, prosperous, aspirational, and advancing. Something that locals would be proud of and visitors impressed.

The result is a credit to the vision and courage of the Club’s Board of Directors.

It wasn’t easy.  There were roadblocks along the way, not least the Covid pandemic, but persistence paid off.


Finally, this month we report on the success of the 2024 Industry Festival held at Mingara Club in late March.

This event was a tribute to Frank Sammut and his organisation Central Coast Industry Connect, for their unwavering support for our region’s manufacturing industries.

The two most important industry sectors in our region are manufacturing and construction.   They are the backbone of our economy.

Edgar Adams


Author:Edgar Adams

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