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Terrigal no longer a safe Liberal seat

Posted by Edgar Adams on 3 April 2023

As we went to print in late March there was still a large number of pre-poll and postal votes to be counted following the 25th March State Election.

Across the state what appeared to be a result that would see the Labor Party with an absolute majority there now a number of seats still to be counted with the result going either way.

It doesn’t matter though because with the support of Independents the Minns Government is off and running.

Of course, as expected the Members for Wyong, The Entrance and Gosford walked in. Member for Wyong, David Harris will be Minister for the Central Coast, a much more powerful position than a mere Parliamentary Secretary.

It is also expected that he will retain the shadow portfolios he held while in opposition: Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Shadow Minister for Jobs, Investment and Tourism.

However, Terrigal which has always been a Liberal stronghold has come close to being lost to Labor with a swing way greater than across the state. Mr Crouch has managed to turn safe seat into a swinging seat. Labor’s preselection of Sam Broughton, proved to be a masterstroke. A physiotherapist who went to school in Terrigal and offered a fresh change.

Mr Crouch was elected in 2015 and has served in a Liberal Government for the past eight years.  He now has to learn how to represent his electorate as a member of the opposition party.

Meanwhile, an early analysis of the voting shows that The Greens and the new environment and anti-development party the Sustainable Australia Party have secured over 12% of the vote across the Coast.

While they got nowhere these two parties showed that they will be a force to be reckoned with come the Local Government Elections in September 2024.

Author:Edgar Adams
Tags:Election News

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