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Time for State Government to take control of planning at Central Coast Council
11 August 2023
Time for State Government to take control of planning at Central Coast Council The amalgamation of Gosford and Wyong Councils in 2016 was heralded as an opportunity for the Central Coast to look to the future with confidence and prosperity. Unfortunately, we elected an activist council that is dedicated to an unrealistic environmental agenda that will see the region grind to a halt and create untold social issues. The appointment of an Administrator following the folly of the first elected...
More cases off to Court as Council blocks developments
11 August 2023
Central Coast Council continues to thumb its nose at the need for affordable housing on the Central Coast putting trees for squirrel glider, bushes to accommodate the Tasmania swift parrot, and saving so-called endangered plants in its quest to turn the region into one huge national park. The past month has seen frustrated builders and property developers take a whopping 23 cases to the Land and Environment Court as Council continues to refuse legitimate development applications that would s...
Council redirects Government funding to kill off Wadalba East land release area
11 August 2023
Central Coast Council has redirected a substantial part of a State Government Grant of $1.4 million from the Regional Housing Fund for the planning and design of sewer and storm water basin infrastructure for the Wadalba East Land Release Area (WELR). The WELR comprises an area of some 143 ha of land with potential for 1,500 homes, originally announced by Wyong Council in 2012 and finally rezoned in  December 2020 and becoming effective on 31 July 2021. It included a Wildlife Corridor o...
End of an era as Booth Family retires from motor industry
11 August 2023
One of the oldest continuing businesses on the Central Coast has sold out with the owners moving into retirement. Sam Elabbasi, owner of motor dealerships in Goulburn, Taree, Windsor has acquired Booths Motor Group founded in Gosford 83 years ago by Fred and Evelyn Booth. Originally a small mechanical workshop the business grew to become a larger workshop and petrol station on the corner of Mann and Faunce Street. Subsequently, their son, Kevin took over and grew the business further by be...
Dunnet quits The Entrance
11 August 2023
Some 35 years ago Bob Dunnet acquired Lakeside Shopping Centre at The Entrance, and progressively over those 35 years acquired more land amassing in the end, an entire Town Centre block bounded by The Entrance Road, Dening, Taylor and Warrigal Streets.  Mr Dunnet acquired the property in the mid 1980’s and tried for his entire period of ownership to gain traction with the local authorities and the State Government, not only to develop his site, but to Revitalise The Entrance. Arc...

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