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Clynton Husband - Sapphire Aluminum
4 August 2021

Think of some of the most monumental architectural buildings and structures in Australia and the world and chances are Central Coast manufacturer, Sapphire Aluminium, was responsible for the production of the internal and/or external aluminium cladding. Today, Sapphire is trusted by award-winning architects for their quality, attention to detail, stringent processes, and outcomes that are as durable as they are beautiful, ensuring they leave a legacy for generations to come. Bob Husban...
Editorial - Who are we
4 August 2021
The Federal Member for Robertson Lucy Wicks has called for the Central Coast to be a stand-along region. (Page 9).  She is right on the button but first we have to work out who we are. CCBR asked this question two years ago in our October 2019 issue.  It came about then because the Central Coast was in line to receive a $400 million share from the sale of the Snowy Hydro for infrastructure investment. That got the chop the day the Deputy Premier became Minister for Regions. He...
Lucy Wicks takes a stand - It's time to make the Central Coast a stand-alone region
4 August 2021
Federal Member for Robertson Lucy Wicks is renewing calls to make the Central Coast a stand-alone region with Gosford as its capital city. "The Central Coast is not part of the Greater Sydney, Newcastle or Hunter regions," Ms Wicks said. Ms Wicks, who has been lobbying the NSW Government for change for over 12 months, said the extended COVID-19 lockdown has highlighted the need for the Central Coast region to be excluded from the Greater Sydney catchment definition. Ms Wicks...
Food conference discusses next generation nutrition and agribusiness
4 August 2021
The University of Newcastle's Central Coast Campus was the place for a two-day Food Sustainability Forum where the latest developments in food nutrition and agribusiness were discussed. Held on the 17th and 18th June participants heard how current research is creating a next generation of sustainable food and nutrition opportunities. Eight leading keynote speakers in nutrition, food marketing, agribusiness, food science and technology, innovation, food perceptions and preferences, f...
Mounties and Breakers in amalgamation talks
4 August 2021
The Mounties Group is in discussions with Breakers Country Club at Wamberal regarding a potential amalgamation. The news follows an expression of interest released in late 2020, to engage clubs that were interested in merging with the successful club giant. Mounties Group CEO, Dale Hunt, said Breakers is one of the larger clubs on the Central Coast with possibly the most potential to unlock. "Just like Halekulani Bowling Club, Breakers is not a struggling club.  It has been ...

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