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Logistics forum visits high-tech manufacturer

Posted by Edgar Adams on 4 December 2023
Logistics forum visits high-tech manufacturer

The Central Coast Supply Chain and Logistics Forum held their quarterly meeting at the premises of high-tech manufacturer, 4id Solutions at Wyong in early November, the second since returning following the covid pandemic.

In a world where precision, efficiency, and following the rules are super important, the event  showcased game-changing contactless technologies like RFID, sensors, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Morse Long Range Communication. Innovations that help companies tackle tricky regulations, make their operations smoother, and provide super precise services. 

4id Solutions highlighted their skills and solutions, showing how valuable they are to the logistics scene on the Central Coast which was followed by a tour of their manufacturing and research facility.

Thirty-six participants attended and heard presentations by Prof. Neil Weste, the genius behind wireless LAN technology and James Brennan, the design expert from LX Group, both of whom work with 4id Solutions in their product development.  Both speakers spoke about emerging technologies and how the latest technology options will shake up the logistics world.

Prof. Weste is an Australian inventor and engineer who designed a groundbreaking wireless LAN system and authored a famous textbook on VLSI design. He co-founded Radiata Communications and now leads the charge at Morse Micro in developing a game-changing long-range, high-speed, low-energy Wi-Fi system. He is also a resident of the Central Coast.

Author:Edgar Adams
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