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More cases off to Court as Council blocks developments

Posted by Edgar Adams on 11 August 2023

Central Coast Council continues to thumb its nose at the need for affordable housing on the Central Coast putting trees for squirrel glider, bushes to accommodate the Tasmania swift parrot, and saving so-called endangered plants in its quest to turn the region into one huge national park.

The past month has seen frustrated builders and property developers take a whopping 23 cases to the Land and Environment Court as Council continues to refuse legitimate development applications that would see over 3,000 potential home sites become available across the region.

In June CCBR we reported that 23 cases had been taken the Land and Environment Court. 

While Council bleats that they are unable to recruit or keep senior town planners to carry out the task of development applications from swimming pools to renovations and houses they choose to ignore that what planners they do have are being totally tied up on court matters.

While Council continues to do all it can to block any form of residential development the demand for affordable housing and rental housing continues to grow with the attendant social issues that it creates for people in need.


Author:Edgar Adams
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